Easter Eggs You Missed In Soul

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Pixar's Soul is about a jazz pianist who finds out there's a lot more to existence than he ever imagined. And there's a lot more to Soul than viewers probably noticed at first glance. Whether they're referencing Pixar films or real-life heroes, here are the Easter eggs you may have missed in Soul.

When Joe meets 22, we're treated to flashbacks of some of the mentors who tried and failed to get them ready to take their place on Earth. We learn that a diverse group of departed souls — including those of Mother Theresa, Muhammad Ali, and Copernicus — tried and failed to mentor 22. Later, when 22 brings Joe to their home, Joe stops to check out a wall covered with name tags displayed like trophies of all the mentors who failed to bring 22 to heel.

It will take the pause button and some patience to read a good percentage of the names displayed, but they include writers, revolutionaries, painters, and baseball legends among others. Joe clearly isn't the first person in the music world that 22 has met since tags for Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and Johnny Cash are on the wall. Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking are up there, too, as are Amelia Earhart, Babe Ruth, Pablo Picasso, Martin Luther King Jr., and Harriet Tubman.

There are also some names that wouldn't be as recognizable. For one, the game-changing Marvel Comics artist Jack Kirby was apparently one of 22's mentors. Two late Disney greats also make the grade. Joe Ranft co-wrote Toy Story and was an actor with voice-acting credits in A Bug's Life, Cars, The Incredibles, and more. His name is on 22's wall along with that of Joe Grant, a writer and artist who worked on numerous animated films, including Fantasia, Lady and the Tramp, and Mulan.

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