Things Only Adults Notice In Soul

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Pixar's Soul is, first and foremost, a kid's movie. Yet, while it does a good job of making its complex philosophical questions digestible for a young audience, there are a few moments in the movie that only the grown-ups will really understand. Here the things only adults notice in Soul.

When Joe Gardner is first introduced at the beginning of Soul, he's a part-time school band director who dreams of becoming a professional jazz pianist. Joe's dreams seem set to come true when he lands an audition with the Dorothea Williams Quartet, a highly respected jazz group led by professional saxophonist Dorothea Williams.

As Joe rushes to his tryout, weaving through the bustling New York City streets, he runs by several local businesses — but one sign stands out as obviously nodding to a real-life brand: Jimmy Shoes. Adults will immediately recognize the store name as a reference to Jimmy Choo, a high-end fashion house specializing in luxury shoes and handbags, founded by couture shoe designer Jimmy Choo in 1996.

Why Soul decided to include a nod to a real-life company when most of the other storefronts are either nondescript or fictional is anybody's guess. But while kids won't think twice about the brands that appear in Soul's New York City, adults may at least get a chuckle out of the one they recognize.

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Jimmy Shoes | 0:00
I am the walrus | 1:06
The great disaster | 2:14
Blank slates | 2:59
Lost souls | 3:54
Death wishes | 4:44
Teachers | 5:46
22 vs. the New York Knicks | 6:39
Free pizza | 7:29
Aftershock | 8:28

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