Scale of Evil, Part 12: The Sexually Perverse- The Psychology of Serial Rapists and Killers


• The transition to Category 17 is what Michael Stone calls “a move into the darkest territory of the Gradations of Evil scale—covering a wide array of serial killers, torturers, and sadists. “
• Long behind us are the killers who kill in self-defense, or because they momentarily lost their reasoning, their sanity….
• The level 17 killer is something else, something darker.
• They kill purely for the psychological gratification of the murder itself.
• What sets the level 17 killer apart is their attacks usually involve some kind of sexual contact with their victim.
• To review Michael Stone’s Gradations of Evil scale is to try and understand the motives behind WHY people do these things. Sometimes, even the killers themselves can’t explain it.
• When you look at the examples commonly given for level 17, you find familiar names- Ted Bundy & Richard Ramirez- two serial rapists and sadists. Utterly unfeeling.
• The thing is, both of these cases have been covered Ad nauseam on this and every other podcast.
- So I don’t want to focus on the stories of Richard Ramirez and Ted Bundy as much as I want to talk about the pathology of the level 17 killer, using Ramirez and Bundy as examples.

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