IT: CHAPTER 3 - Trailer Concept

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This is a fan made trailer concept of what could be if it chapter 3 would be made. I intend in no way to infringe the rights of the original creators of it and Warner Bros.


This is just a glimpse of what could be if a movie of It chapter 3, if it is ever made.It was edited bs adding special effects and animated image overlays and creative editing, creating something entirely new! The purpose is to create something entirely new to fans.

Years later the loosers are devided. Foreign companies are interested in harnessing a power located under Darry (Stranger Things style) but they dont know what they are in for. The loosers then discover that Pennywise has been building up an army of layered (a made up name😒) basically they are eggs that pennywise has layed during the time when he/she? was still alive, The loosers have to reunite to stop this

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