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A complete playthrough of Fox Interactive's 1999 FMV graphic-adventure game for the Sony PlayStation, The X-Files.

This is pretty ambitious (and pretty good) as far as interactive movie/adventure games go. It's got pretty high production values with cameo appearances by all of the major characters from the show The writing is a bit hokey, but then, that just keeps it all the more authentic!

A really enjoyable game with excellent quality video (it should when is spans four discs!) and interactivity - not in the Night Trap kind of way, but in the way Sierra managed it in games like Phantasmagoria and The Beast Within. It's nowhere near as good as either of those, but just for the sake of comparison - it's not JUST click and watch video clips. It's a nice departure from the norm for the genre.

Oh, and one last thing. The theme song playing during the show's intro video at the beginning is (pretty obviously) not a recording of the original. Uploading a direct copy of the original resulted in the video's sound track being muted, so I played a midi of the theme back through GXCSS and replaced the original audio with that recording. This change is the only alteration I made to the original recording - the rest of it is left completely untouched.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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